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Constructions Project

This page contains information for the Construction Unit. Credit goes to Math Open Reference. Worksheets with an * have additional instructions. Look at the tooltip by hovering over the link to the worksheet to see them!
GC00-All Constructions: Worksheets

GC01-Using a protractor to measure angles: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC02-Draw angles with a protractor: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC03-Construct a copy of a given angle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC04-Bisect an angle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC05-Construct a 30 degree angle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC06-Construct a 45 degree angle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC07-Construct a 60 degree angle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC08-Construct a 90 degree angle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC09-Construct a copy of a given line segment: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC10-Perpendicular line bisector: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC11-Construct a parallel through a point: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC12-Construct a parallel through a point (Rhombus): Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC13-Perpendicular from endpoint of a ray: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC14-Construct a perpendicular through a point: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC15-Construct a perpendicular from a point on the line: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC16-Divide a line segment into N parts: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC17-Construct 30-60-90 triangles: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC18-Construct a triangle given one side and two adjacent angles: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC19-Construct a triangle given two sides and the included angle measure: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC20-Construct a triangle given three sides: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC21-Construct a copy of a given triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC22-Construct equilateral triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC23-Construct isosceles triangle (given base and side length): Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC24-Construct isosceles triangle (given base and altitude): Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC25-Construct median of a triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC26-Construct the centroid of a triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC27-Construct incenter of a triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC28-Orthocenter of a triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC29-Construct the circumcenter of a triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC30-Construct incircle of a triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC31-Construct the circumcircle of a triangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC32-Circle through 3 points: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC33-Construct tangent through a point: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC34-Draw an ellipse inside a rectangle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC35-Find the foci of a given ellipse: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC36-Construct a tangent through a point on the circle: Worksheet      Demonstration
*GC37-Construct a hexagon inscribed in a circle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC38-Construct a hexagon given one side: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC39-Construct a pentagon inscribed in a circle: Worksheet      Demonstration
GC40-Finding center of a circle: Worksheet      Demonstration

Exploration Resources

IB's Published Definition of the Exploration
Oxford chapter on Exploration
Comments from 2014 IB Subject Report
200 Ideas for your Exploration Topic
Exploration Rubric
Ideas and more at IB Math

Example papers (score shown in parens)
Ex 1: Codes (15)      Comments
Ex 2: Totient Theorem (16)      Comments
Ex 4: Minesweeper (5)      Comments
Ex 4: Music (9)      Comments
Ex 5: Newton Raphson (11)      Comments
Ex 6: Polar Diagrams (20)      Comments
Ex 7: Rainfall (16)      Comments
Ex 8: Spirals (16)      Comments
Ex 9: Tower of Hanoi (14)      Comments

Topic Ideas
Exploration ideas at IB Math
More generally, consider:
Sport, archaeology, computers, algorithms, cell phones, music, sine, musical harmony
motion, e, electricity, water, space, orbits, food, volcanoes, climate change, politics
diet, Euler, games, symmetry,architecture, codes, the internet, communication
tiling, population, agriculture, viruses, health, dance, play, pi (π), local food
geography, biology, business, economics,physics, chemistry,
information technology in a global society, psychology, advertising

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