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Pre DP - 5/4/15

A little more work with the double angle formula and then a look at trig functions in quadratic form. We'll finish up the year with some review and solving our Ferris Wheel problem. See you in class,
Mr. Alei

Pre DP: Week of 5/4/2015                (Previous Week - 4/27/15)

Mon 5/4:
12K: #11-21 (multi days) (Double angle formulae)
QB.5: #1,13 (Double angle formulae)
Tue 5/5:
12L: #1-3 (Trig equations in quadratic form)
Thu 5/7:
Review 12B #1-10 (Review)
QB.6: #14,15,17 (Misc Trig)

Useful Links
Trig Unit Plan for Q4
QB Practice problems
Smartboard Class Notes on Trig

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